Bridge Projects

Warren VT 100 Bridge 166

Warren BRF 013-4(32)


photo of bridge

Project Location

Bridge 166 on VT Route 100 over the Mad River is located in the Town of Warren in Washington County. Bridge 166 is approximately 8.3 miles south of the junction of VT 100 and VT 17.

Project Objective

This project will replace the existing bridge with a new bridge on the existing alignment.

Existing Conditions

The existing bridge is a single-span steel beam bridge with a concrete deck built in 1939. The existing bridge is rated as structurally deficient and is Priority 6 in the State Bridge Program. The bridge's deficiencies include the structural capacity of the bridge deck, the stability of the bridge substructure, the substandard design of the bridge rail, and the travel width on the bridge.

Bridge Design

The new bridge will be designed to meet current standards. The minimum roadway width will be increased by 6' from 24' to 30' by increasing embankment widths and the use of retaining structures. The two travel lanes will be widened to 11' with 4' shoulders. The existing bridge is 71' long and skewed 45° to accommodate the stream crossing. The preferred substructure type is an integral abutment, which does not accommodate skews above 20° well. By increasing the design span, the skew can be reduced or eliminated.

The bridge will be replaced with Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) methods to reduce the duration of the road closure.

Detour Route

The detour route will reroute traffic to Route 17/ Route 116/ Route 125.

Driving Directions

From the North Drive 8.3 miles north on VT 100 and turn left on to RT 17 for 35 miles. Turn left and drive south on 116 for 12 miles, turn right and drive east on 125 for 16 miles, turn left and drive north on VT 100 for 11.6 miles.

From the South Drive 11.6 miles south on VT 100, turn right and drive 16 miles west on 125, turn right and drive 12 miles north on 116, turn right and drive 35 miles east on 17, turn right and drive 8.3 miles south on VT 100.

Target Construction Schedule

Bridge 166 will be closed for a maximum of 14 days during construction. Construction will be on a 24/7 schedule during the bridge closure to minimize the duration of the closure.


The Contractor for Bridge 166 is Luck Brothers, Inc.


The project cost is $1,638,450.