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Rochester VT 73 Bridge 15

Rochester Bridge 15 - BRF 0162(16)


photo of bridge

Project Location

Rochester VT 73 Bridge 15 is located in the Town of Rochester in Windsor County on VT 73 at Brandon Brook. The bridge is located approximately 4.0 miles west of the intersection of VT 73 and VT 100.

Project Objective

Rochester VT 73 Bridge 15 requires replacement due to its deteriorated condition, insufficient hydraulic capacity and functionally obsolete width. The existing bridge superstructure components are in poor condition, with areas of spalling and cracking on the fascias and underside of the concrete beams. The bridge deck is also in poor condition and in need of replacement.

Existing Conditions

The existing bridge is a single span, two lane structure which was constructed in 1929. The bridge is 43-feet in length and 20-feet wide. The bridge is located in an historic district and is also historic. Although the bridge did not sustain direct damage from Tropic Storm Irene, the storm did cause heavy bank erosion, which has since been remediated.

Bridge Design

VTrans completed an engineering study in July 2013 to evaluate alternatives for replacement of the bridge on VT 73 over Brandon Brook. The Engineering Report recommended a Precast Prestressed Concrete NEXT Beam Bridge. This recommendation was based on the short construction duration, which would reduce disturbance to the public, and the relatively low construction and maintenance costs.

Detour Route

During construction, traffic will be rerouted on Route 100/Route 125/Route 7.

Driving Directions

From the East Drive 4 miles east on VT 73. Turn left on VT 100 and drive 5 miles north. Turn left onto RT 125 in Hancock (The Old Hancock Hotel is at this intersection). Follow RT 125 for approximately 16 miles into East Middlebury. Turn left on to Route 7 south for 13 miles will take you back to VT 73 West.

From the West Drive 13 miles west on RT 73 to Brandon Village. Take RT 7 north for 13 miles, turn right on RT 125 east for 16 miles, and drive 5 miles south on VT 100. Turn right on to VT 73 and drive 4 miles west.

Target Construction Schedule

VTrans reopened Rochester Bridge 15 on July 13th, 14 hours ahead of schedule. Route 73 in the vicinity of Bridge 15 is now open to two-way traffic.


The Contractor for VT 73 Bridge 15 is W. M. Schultz Construction, Inc.


The four bridge projects in Rochester (VT 73 Bridge 13, VT 73 Bridge 15, VT 73 Bridge 16, and VT 73 Bridge 19) are being completed as a single construction project. Bids were opened on October 25, 2013 and the low bidder was W. M. Schultz Construction, Inc. at $6.4 million.